All services are planned and designed in-house

Manufactures and Services Digital Signage and Smart Mirror.

With customer satisfactionand the best technology We will become a customer-oriented company.

EONEOMS Co., Ltd. is the first-generation smart Mirror company established in 2011. For more than a decade, we have been planning and designing our own services, including digital signage, transparent displays, DIDs, unmanned vending machines, as well as software, and providing total solutions to content development, system manufacturing, and operation.

We have experience in building various fields such as public institutions, commercial spaces, and residential spaces, and also supply our products to construction companies, furniture companies, and interior companies such as GS Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Xi, Hanssem, Rivart, E-Mart. In addition, we are making all-out efforts to strengthen product competitiveness and secure customer trust by investing in continuous R&D, and based on this, we are a company that continues to strive as a global company by creating a stable profit model.

What We Do

EONEOMS' Digital Signage Research Institute contributes to effective and attractive branding of each brand by providing DID construction consulting, content development support, and problem-solving solutions.