Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

Even from various angles using an industrial monitor It is possible to convey information reliably with clear image expression. Products to be promoted and advertisement images are displayed using the transparent glass plate LCD. A transparent monitor that creates harmony at the same time We expect the synergy effect of maximized exhibitions and advertisements.

|   Multivision case

|   Transparent monitor case

Advertising Monitors and Solutions

Through the DID monitor, you can check the effective advertising effect by expressing the information in advertisements, promotions, and menus more brightly and clearly. In addition to being able to draw the attention of customers more effectively, we are supporting our own convenient remote management system and nationwide store A/S by securing the technology and manpower to facilitate store management.

Signage Video Wall
Multi-Vision Monitor

Multiple multi-edge and video wall displays can be installed according to various standards and shapes such as 2x2, 2*4, 4*4, 6*1, NxN, etc. give. In addition to the existing one-way video transmission multi-vision, we can provide a large multi-touch video wall solution that combines large multi-touch sensor technology on the existing video wall.