Contents Software

Content that excites and promises complete satisfaction
every time customers use the product.

Through contents suitable for LED signage, DID, smart mirror, and sensor products, customers can experience the product directly at the same time that they are interested.Induce purchases through the development and service of customized content such as touch control, sensing, and interaction.

AHC Myeongdong Complex Beauty
Flagship Store

Scan the QR code to check the message you wrote on the guestbook display. Through self-diagnosis, you can receive recommended cosmetics suitable for your skin.

You can check information about cosmetics with a smart mirror and experience it yourself.

Product Display X Gifts Game
More special and more fun!

Vending Machine Game
It is a new method of image expression by producing with a transparent monitor and exclusive content. The effect of promoting products through consumer experiences is excellent.

Customized Products
Easier to Find Content!

Pick Up Recommended Products
If a product is recommended according to the consumer's skin type and the product is picked up, information about the product can be checked on the screen.