Inhealth Smart Mirror

Smart home IoT life, Manage from device control
to healthcare with Inhealth Smart Mirror at once!

Smart Home Life · Smart Mirror

Unlike existing Mirror products, it is designed for each space and function,
allowing smart Mirrors to control all IoT devices in various spaces at once!

Smart Home Life

'HEY MIRROR' is a smart furniture product with IoT (Internet of Things) technology added by combining mirror and display. Instead of the existing smart home pad, ‘HEY MIRROR’ allows you to control smart home, use multiple healthcare devices, check information, integrate data management, check news, weather and enjoy music, videos etc.

You can easily use IoT devices that can be connected with ICT technology by connecting them with just one ‘Hey Mirror’. With the AI voice recognition module, desired functions can be controlled with natural commands, and information collected through smart devices can be checked at a glance.

Innovative Convergence of IT Technologies

Smart Control (AI Voice Recognition Technology | 5.8GHz Radar Sensor) It can be easily controlled by touch and AI voice recognition, and it is equipped with a 5.8GHz radar sensor module instead of an IR proximity sensor that was sensed only in a short distance/front to detect the presence of a user's bathroom space. Accordingly, it is possible to auto control the LED405 sterilization light that is harmless to the human body, LED light, and even a smart fan.
24-Hour Smart Space Sterilization When a user is not detected in the bathroom space, the LED405 sterilization light that is harmless to the human body turns on to keep the enclosed bathroom space hygienic. When a user is detected, the Anion LED light turns on to neutralize pollutants in the air, keeping it clean for 24 hours keep it.

Elevate the quality of commercial space

The original design using special mirrors stimulates the user's sensitivity and imagination and enhances the sense of individuality and beauty in every space you live in.

You can create a new trend by maximizing the value of space and various productions according to the lifestyle of consumers, and the business space is also reborn as a creative and differentiated space by meeting Mirror TV.